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Hi! I’m Rich Cahill, owner with my wife Gaby, of Panama Canal Fishing... thanks for stopping in. All of us here at Panama Canal Fishing were born & raised in Panama, have been fishing since we were kids and... just love to fish!
I spent the day with Richard Cahill fishing for peacock bass, oscar and hopefully snook. We had a great time and caught a boat full of bass, a few oscar but, on this day, no snook. All are plentiful in this beautiful lake. ... It is also a unique experience with uninhabited islands, monkeys, tucan, parrots, sloths and gigantic freighters passing by. I recommend that you give it a try. It will add to your experience in this wonderful country. Lee Lukes (client) Former Sportfishing Lodge Owner
The Cahill Panama Canal Fishing expeditions are a lot of fun - the fish, the wildlife - and are a truly unique experience. The water is crystal clear, absolutely priestine. It´s a thrilling and enjoyable trip for those who think they´ve ¨fished it all¨ and for those new to angling, too.
Randy Kennedy (client),
Boston, Massachusetts
fishing peacock bass in panama

Brief description:
World-class fishing package on the Panama Canal & Lake Gatun, with opportunity to catch dozens of Peacock Bass, as well as troll for snook and tarpon.

Pickup at your hotel:  6:30am
Drop-off at hotel:
1:00pm (varies)

Boat & Equipment
Hurricanes Fundeck 201, 226 REF and center counsel open fishermen, fishing rods, lures, live bait, everything needed to fish. Lures:poppers, torpedos, spinner bait and trolling lures, rapalas and yozuri.

What is included:
• Roundtrip 35 mile transport Panama City to Gamboa.
• Expert fishing guide.
• Hurricane Fundeck Boats, fully equipped & fueled.
• All fishing equipment
• Included:Picnic lunch and cold drinks, beverages, snacks and ice chest of beers.

What to bring:
• Sunscreen (boat is shaded but still a good idea).
• Warm weather clothing and hat.

$495.00 plus 7% country tax.
Extra person 65.00, Kids until 8 years are free.

1 Person Tour
Price: 350.00 + 7% Tax included

Afternoon Tours
1:30pm to 5:30pm
Price: 400.00 + 7% tax inlcuded


Possible Add-ons:
Let us know of your interest and we will quote these seperately:
• Monkey Island tour.
• Visit to Panama Canal island & shore lunch.
• Visit to Panama Canal visitors center
• Dinner in town with the catch of the day.
• Extended fishing hours
(A popular addition, some clients like to reel in the Peacock Bass in the morning, saving the afternoon for some serious snook and tarpon trolling).

Contact info:
Book online (click here)

Or telephone us at:
507 315-1905 or
507 6678 2653

Call us on Skype :

Fishing in Panama, at the eighth wonder of the world – the Panama Canal - is truly a once in a lifetime experience. We, Rich and Gabriela 'Gaby' Cahill, the owners of Panama Canal Fishing, specialize in this fishing experience and are happy to be able to share our passion with you.

The fishing in Panama Canal is great, world-class... You will catch a lot of fish!

You will catch lots of Peacock Bass fishing in Gatun Lake...a world renowned, sought after gamefish. We typically reel in about 20 to 30 fish per person. The younger 2 to 3 pounder Peacock bass are abundant in these waters and swim in schools of certain selected areas.

A great experience is doing a Panama Canal Tour. As the guidebook Adventures in Nature Panama (author: William Friar, 2001), described it:

"The fishing here [Lake Gatun/ Panama Canal] is terrific- the peacock bass population, accidentally introduced decades ago, is so out of control fishermen are actually encouraged to catch them to restore some kind of ecological balance. It's not uncommon for an angler who knows the good spots to catch dozens of fish an hour."

Underwater structures are what make for great fishing in Panama Canal. The Lake Gatun/Panama Canal water basin (at one time the largest manmade body of water in the world) is made up of 164 square miles of flooded forest, hills and plains that provide amazing coves and grass knolls, in other words, prime fishing terrain.

Your 5 to 8 pound trophy-size Peacock Bass awaits you...

peacock bass
Along with the sheer fun of catching a lot of Peacock Bass fishing in Panama Canal is a great deal, your experienced fishermen will enjoy the challenge of going for the larger, more exclusive 5 to 8 pounders that nest and travel in pairs. Working the bottom in shadowed, jungle canopied inlets formed by the hundreds of miniature islands that dot the Lake and Canal, and hooking in to what are considered one of the more aggressive and challenging game fish - with sudden strikes, followed by repeated long passes through the water, alternating with high, somersaulting leaps... it´s a real thrill.

Troll for Snook Snook fishing in Panamaas well... and even the mighty Tarpon

You can troll for snook and tarpon as well.   Your chances of catching these fish will depend on the season, moon phase, angling skill. If you’re especially interested in snook or tarpon,  let us know and we’ll give you our assessment for the dates requested.    Snook is often caught on our trips,  tarpon much less so.... but the chance is there. (Also ask about fishing trips for tarpon & Snook in the Bayano River).
There’s a local tournament that fishes our waters with the goal of achieving a  “Grand Slam”... catching trophy-size Peacock Bass,   Snook  and Tarpon.  Our experience captain have participated and won tournaments.

The setting is magnificent...Fishing in Panama Canal is a great experience

bird watching panama
You will fish in an amazingly beautiful setting...Imagine yourself fishing in Panama, surrounded by abundant birdlife (this is the same general area where the world birdwatching record for most species of birds sighted in 24 hours is held) and abundant wildlife  - we frequently spot  crocodiles,  iguanas,  sloths, monkeys, and other animals from the boat (and we are happy to get close up for pictures or closer viewing  if desired).
We board our boat in Gamboa at the junction of the Chagres River and the Panama Canal... and then speed out onto the Panama Canal itself, racing past big giant Panamax ships as they wind their way through the Canal... and then turn into the jungle water pathways that wind around hundreds of rainforest covered islands, offering many dark shaded inlets to explore alone. (In case you are wondering, bugs are not a problem during the times we go fishing.)
Even the drive from Panama City to Gamboa (where our boats are docked) is a scenic tour in itself, a 40 minute drive from your hotel through the old Panama Canal Zone, by two sets of Panama Canal locks (the Miraflores and Pedro Miguel locks) and lush, pristine, (screeching, hollering, buzzing) dense rainforest.

Ours Hurricanes Fundeck 201, 226 REF and center counsel open fishermen fishing boats & equipment are top-notch...

Our boats are a Hurricane FunDeck... the most comfortable and well-prepared charter fishing boat on the Panama Canal. It comes fully equipped with shade canopy, electric trolling motor, 2 front swivel chairs, live bait box, full tackle, rods and reels.

Just wanted to let you know that I've been boating all my life, about 50 years and our new Hurricane boat is the finest boat we have ever had. I owned a bass boat for over 20 years and my wife thought I would never give it up. I did for your deck boat and I've never regretted it. It is the most comfortable fishing boat I have ever been in.
(Comment from client on Godfrey Marine website)
For fishing the Bass, we use Ugly Stik, Shimano, Penn and Rapala rods & reels... for trolling rods equipped with Penn 190 reels. And of course a full complement of lures and live bait.

Beginners, children and "non-fishing family members"... are Welcome!

Although we cater to experienced anglers... we're also a great alternative for beginners, children, and families that want a fishing adventure. Children will enjoy the ease of catching the smaller 2 to 3 pounders (still a large fish, over a foot in length), and the sheer volume that can be caught in such a short time. Families will enjoy the gentle instruction and natural friendliness of our guides. 
We can also tailor our packages to make them more interesting for family members that want to fish less, and see more. We can reduce the fishing in Gatun Lake time and replace it with some of the following popular activities (additional charges apply in some cases, please let us know your special desires and we will provide a quotation).

- A visit to Monkey Island where the chances are almost 100% that you will encounter a wild group of Capuchin monkeys, that will often come right up to the boat.

- Another winner is to go to a lake side bar where the ladies will be happy to produce a fish fry from your catch of the day.

All Year

$495.00 (plus 7% country tax).

Extra person $65.00.

The trip is hassle-free, easy to book, all-inclusive, and very accessible ...for a Charter Price of $495 for 2 anglers (plus 7% country tax).

NOTE: this is NOT a 'Per Person Price' but a "Per Boat Price" and covers two anglers.

Everything is included in the all-inclusive charter price.

- Full outfitting for one or two anglers
- 35 mile air-conditioned, comfortable transport to and from Panama City to Gamboa.
- Expert guides and captains.
- 21’ Hurricane Fundeck 201, 226 REF and center counsel open fisherman.
- Complete fishing equipment for both Peaccok Bass angling and Snook fish Trolling, including lures and live bait.
- Included Picnic lunch, beverages, snacks and ice chest of beers.

We’re very accessible...from when you step out of your Panama City hotel to when you step on our boat in Gamboa, you’re on the water fishing in less than an hour. (We pick you up at 6:30am in your hotel and have you back by usually 1:00pm.)


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